What is DNLA?

DNLA stands for Discovering Natural Latent Abilities. It is a scientifically based method for identifying individual strengths and hidden competencies of your employees or applicants. Above all, the success of a coaching measure, a team or an entire company with regard to the further development of one’s own competencies can be made measurable through regular surveys. Many of my coaching clients and the teams I support rely on this quantification of the results achieved through coaching and other measures.

Who is DNLA for?

DNLA is primarily used to determine the competencies of managers and teams. In this way, it can be determined whether individuals in the team or managers are deployed in accordance with their competencies and which development or structural measures are necessary to close competency gaps in the team, in the individual or in the entire workforce. A before-and-after analysis with DNLA is also very valuable for monitoring the success of all coaching and development measures.

Where can I find more information?

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