What is Organetik®?

Organo.SL® or Organetik is a bioresonance procedure which discharges energetic disturbances and blockages from the body or buildings with a small device. Not only emotions and unpleasant experiences block our energy system, but also accidents, injuries, viruses, bacteria (to name just a few common factors). I often use organetics in addition to other coaching methods to solve issues also on a physical-energetic (and therefore deepest) level.

Who is Organetik® for?

Organetik® is used in addition to other coaching methods to release emotional stress and also physical symptoms. For example, anxiety that leads to tension can be released both subconsciously and energetically. Organetics is also useful for ridding the body of viruses, bacteria and parasites, or for post-surgery and post-injury care, in order to get the body back into a harmonious flow of energies.

Where can I find more information?

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