What is wingwave® coaching?

In the wingwave method, neuronal wires (often our unconsciously stored automatisms) are interrupted and replaced with new and more meaningful connections. We are also talking about to the point emotion coaching, as many automatisms are associated with unpleasant emotions (e.g. fear in certain situations). The method combines NLP, EMDR (rapid waving movements known from trauma therapy) and a special muscle test that helps to clearly identify stressing factors in the subconscious mind. Thus, deeply buried childhood patterns and microtraumas,  which are often responsible for certain unpleasant emotions throughout life, can also be identified.

Who is wingwave® coaching for?

Wingwave is particularly suitable for clients who are confronted with stressful unpleasant emotions (such as fears, anger, shame or guilt) and who are repeatedly stuck in certain behavioral loops unintentionally. Especially strongly burdening and lasting emotions or emotions whose origin we cannot explain directly can be identified and dissolved well and sustainably with this method.

Where can I find more information?

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