Why books and online products?

Over the course of my now nearly 20 years of coaching, there have been some themes that have repeated themselves with many of my clients. In order to make this available to a large amount of people for little money, I have put this content into books or meditations and online courses.


Who are my print and online products for?

These products and courses are designed both for individuals who want to get an overview on a particular topic or to resolve a particular issue within themselves. But they are also designed for companies that want to sensitize employees to certain topics in a comprehensive way. 


Here you can find Katrin Seifarth’s currently available books (in German), meditations (in German) and online courses (in English and German). In the meditations, you will find two free meditations at the end.


Erstsemester Survival Guide

50 practical tips for an easier university everyday life | The Uni Starter Guide for studying

For students and all who are looking for a graduation gift. With the “Erstsemester Survival Guide” you have the perfect companion at hand to help you quickly settle into your new life and master it in a relaxed manner. In 50 practical tips and mental exercises, I have summarized my more than ten years of experience in coaching students. They are designed to resolve your fear of the unknown and help you approach your student life with ease and a proven concept. Thanks to the clear structure, this guide is also ideal for reference and supports you in topics such as:

– The transition to a new life

– The first apartment search

– Making new friends and maintaining old friendships

– Organization of learning and university life

– Time for yourself and your hobbies, despite a busy everyday life

– Overcoming self-doubt

Spaßbremse Chef

Tips for dealing with difficult superiors more confidently

Even difficult bosses are no reason to quit. Your job is fun, if only it weren’t for your supervisor? Many studies confirm that bosses are often not well-liked. Those who resign often only seem to have peace of mind and then find themselves working again with a problematic supervisor. Katrin Seifarth makes the unconscious conscious in her book and explains on the basis of ten common boss types:

– why the boss is the way he is

– how you can get along better with him or her

– what your dislike of the boss might have to do with yourself

– how you can position yourself better mentally and emotionally

Because a good relationship always includes both sides! If you work on yourself as an employee, you can grow yourself and also take your own boss with you on the path to better cooperation.

Das SIEgER Team

40 tangible tips for successful cooperation between women and men on the job

Anyone who wants to know how the common conflicts and misunderstandings between women and men in business can be resolved better and more purposefully should read this book. Katrin Seifarth vividly describes how Adam and Eve tick in meetings and presentations, problem and conflict management, teamwork and leadership, negotiation and career planning . Thanks to her many years of professional experience in large companies and as a coach, she provides many concrete tips on how women and men can recognize gender-typical behavior on the job, avoid its pitfalls, take advantage of strengths, and thus exploit the potential that lies in the differences between the sexes. A humorous and practical plea for living gender diversity in the modern professional world, of course, to implement in private life!

Who would like to receive a copy of “Das SIEgER-Team”, can order this with a short mail to info {at} perflowance.de under indication of the dispatch and invoice address. The book is no longer available on amazon.

Aus den Hemmschuhen in die Stöckelschuhe

the self-coaching book for more satisfied mothers

Raven mother? Quota woman? Housewife? As soon as the first child arrives, mothers quickly feel trapped. Driven by their own or others’ social demands, they often lose sight of their own needs. The cause of this all-too-human behavior often lies in worn-out beliefs that stick to one’s feet as inhibitors and dominate life planning. Influenced by her own experiences, Katrin Seifarth, herself a mother of two children, coach and trainer, has developed a tried-and-tested ten-step plan that has already led numerous mothers to greater satisfaction. She does not propagate universally valid solutions or certain life models, but encourages you to throw off your old (and often cherished) inhibitions and to go your own way in a self-determined manner – on “high heels”. Whether this leads to the executive suite, to a part-time job with a house in the country, to self-employment, to being a housewife, or somewhere else entirely, is completely up to you. A book of encouragement for doubting mothers with many exercises and practical tips that can be put into practice immediately. For each coaching step, women who have found their own individual model in life’s shoe closet always have their say.

Online products

Communicate effectively and efficiently (6-week online course)

  • Clearly define communication goals
  • Understanding and “picking up” the target group of my communication
  • Structure communication clearly and purposefully
  • Formulate communication briefly, concisely and precisely and thus achieve one’s own communication goal without queries and misunderstandings
  • Click here to access the online course: elopage.com/s/katrinseifarth

Audio products

Self Coaching Meditations

In the following meditations, I have addressed the most common unconscious issues that I encounter again and again in coaching sessions and that prevent my clients from being successful and happy. Just have a look! Please scroll to the product you are interested in. At the end, you will find two free products that you can listen to directly, a meditation against anxiety and a meditation that helps you to focus on your ressources. Enjoy!

Meditation #1:
Letting go of the family of origin

Often we are not successful and satisfied in life because we still have a grudge against our parents, because we have unconsciously adopted typical family patterns such as fears or helplessness, and/or because we have an open conflict with our siblings or other caregivers. This 45-minute meditation will lead you to a reconciliation with your birth parents and with your siblings and will give you strength and resources to go your own way in peace and self-determination.

Full right of return in case of dissatisfaction. Please read the important notes and disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Meditation #2:
Giving back to others their “‘parcels

There are people who like to unload their worries on us once in a while. Somehow, they always keep us busy, and like to push tasks on us that are not ours at all. They keep popping up in our lives and we feel responsible for them, even though they are “big enough” to take care of themselves. If there are such people in your life, or if you sometimes like to make the worries of others your own, then this 30-minute meditation can be very liberating for you.

Full right of return in case of dissatisfaction. Please read the important notes and disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Meditation #3:
Dissolve old emotions and brakes on success

There are situations where we end up with the same emotion or the same fundamental belief over and over again. An old fear, self-doubt, an “I can’t do this” or “I can’t do this,” an “I mustn’t….,” an “I don’t belong,” etc….. If you too keep coming up against such points, this 30-minute meditation can help you find your issue and dissolve it permanently.

Full right of return in case of dissatisfaction. Please read the important notes and disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Meditation #4:
Get out of projections

Sometimes we relate things to ourselves that don’t necessarily have anything to do with us. One statement, one behavior, sometimes just a person’s face…. and we are at 180. Why is that? We often project the behavior of others onto ourselves. When someone says something or feels something pulling at us, we unconsciously think we have to do something, we have to care, we are responsible, we are not enough, etc. Emotions such as anger, guilt, or powerlessness are common. This meditation is designed to help you recognize and step out of these projections so that you can find your way into a more self-determined, satisfied life.

Full right of return in case of dissatisfaction. Please read the important notes and disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

Free meditations

At the moment, many people are struggling with anxiety. The following two meditations are designed to help you let go of your fears and come more fully into your inner resources. In the first meditation you can specifically dissolve fears. In the second meditation we strengthen your resources that give you strength in the following fields:

  1. Internal stability
  2. Lightness and inspiration
  3. Harmony and security
  4. Enforcement and influence

Please read the important notes and disclaimer at the bottom of this page before listening.

Have fun listening!

Important notes on meditations and liability

Meditations affect each person individually and they can go very deep. Meditation is made to bring you closer to yourself and your issues. This often stimulates various processes. For example, the past can come up again (because it has not yet been processed). This leads some people to inner confrontation, purification and self-healing. Sometimes emotions can worsen in the first moment, this is in principle good and stimulates the processing.

BUT: If you suffer from major anxiety, depression, or other mental illness, check with your doctor or therapist before listening to the meditation.

DO NOT do the meditation if you have a history of (or are currently suffering from) psychosis, delusions or schizophrenia!

Listen to your gut feeling and please estimate yourself how far and deep you want to go. You can stop the meditation at any time.

If you still have topics or persons “open” after the first listening, listen to the meditation again or listen to the desired passage again, e.g. if you have several siblings. You can also stop the meditation and wait for too strong emotions to subside. With forearms crossed diagonally in front of your chest, tap your shoulders alternately left and right in rapid succession to help reduce unpleasant emotions.


This information product has been prepared with the utmost care and is constantly updated as needed. However, the author does not assume any guarantee or liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness and quality of the information provided. Misinformation cannot be completely ruled out. The information in this information product does not constitute a request to take or refrain from taking any action, but is provided for informational purposes only. The use of this information product and the implementation of the information contained therein is expressly at your own risk.

Liability claims regarding damage caused by the use of any information provided, including any kind of information which is incomplete or incorrect, will therefore be rejected.

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