What is energetic harmonization?

Through energetic harmonization, we free buildings and people from energetic burdens with the help of a bio-resonance method (Organo®). In this way, a harmonious coexistence free from disruptive influences can be created. Maybe you have already noticed that you feel comfortable or uncomfortable in some places right away. And also in our own body certain events like accidents, illnesses or also unpleasant emotional experiences leave their energetic traces. With energetic harmonization, we harmonize disturbing energies in people and spaces so that you feel more comfortable.

In which cases is this method useful?

The method of energetic harmonization helps when conflicts and tensions arise again and again in families or companies, or when desired goals are not achieved despite strong efforts. Here, the cause may lie in stressful energies in buildings or in individuals. In addition, energetic harmonization helps a person to come completely into an inner flow and to free him- or herself not only mentally, but on all levels of burdensome energies.

Where can I find more information?

Detailed information (in German) on the bioresonance method used for energetic harmonization can be found here  : www.organo.de

(Photo source: organo)

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