Team processes and workshops

I offer team processes, workshops and trainings both online and live. Many teams book me as a facilitator for strategy or topic specific meetings, soft skill trainings or to increase team performance. In this context, a three-day joint “lock away” to an offsite does not always make sense. I also often work with a combination of a full-day kick-off workshop and quarterly follow-up (online) sessions to achieve truly sustainable results with clear next steps and unambiguous TODOs. Sometimes less is more. Today, hardly anyone has the time and peace to really concentrate and take a break from the daily routine for several days.

When does your team need a workshop?

A workshop always helps when a common goal direction is to be worked out or internalized in the implementation and planned in a binding and sustainable way. Even if there are specific topics or skills that do not find time in the daily routine, but which disrupt processes, a targeted workshop or specific soft skills training can provide lasting relief. When teams are newly formed or formed or under new leadership, a joint team meeting on different levels (content, playful, interactive) can provide the necessary growing together and common grounding.

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