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What is perflowance?

Perflowance is the symbiosis of “performance” and “flow”. In individuals as well as in teams there are often brakes that stop the flow, e.g. in the form of conflicts, lack of structure, inner barriers, etc.. With the perflowance method, we set goals and work out ways for your team to achieve these goals with ease. Because success may and can be easy when we can call up our performance and our potential as if on autopilot.

Who is the perflowance method for?

Coaching with the perflowance method is intended for all those who would like to achieve something, but feel one or more barriers in themselves or in the team. Despite the best of intentions, a project or a desired state simply do not want to succeed. We resolve this “yes but” in coaching and team processes so you or your team can achieve your goal in flow.

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Katrin Seifarth is a sought-after expert in many podcasts, online and print media, and on TV. Here is an excerpt from her appearances and articles.

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About me

Katrin Seifarth looks back on more than 20 years of experience in leading management functions and as a business and life coach after her international business studies. In her coaching and facilitation work, the multiple author benefits from her own many years of professional experience as well as from her insights as a trainer in a wide variety of industries and types of companies. She is

  • systemic-constructivist coach (EBS)
  • certified NLP Master (certificate Richard Bandler)
  • Wingwave® Coach
  • Mimic Resonanz® Trainer
  • Certified Organetiker(Organo.SL®)
  • mesource® facilitator
  • holistic health consultant according to Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke

Katrin Seifarth lives in Frankfurt. Besides German as her mother tongue she speaks fluent English and French

In her trainings, coaching and workshop facilitations, she emphasizes quick and sustainable results where participants can stay true to themselves instead of being trained to behave in ways that are inappropriate for them. Through her various coaching formations she succeeds in making unconscious patterns of thinking and behavior as well as strengths in individuals and teams conscious and in raising potentials in a targeted way. She is convinced: “Success can only come about when you dissolve all the limiting factors in yourself and in your team, and activate and value all the motivating and goal-relevant factors. Because then – and only then – can every individual and every team reach the goal in a flow”.

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